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The Family

One Membership. Over 50 hours of Magic.

Your monthly magic membership - done right.

Not your typical Magic Book

Inside Out by Ben Earl

A deeply personal tour de force of radical new ideas and approaches for creating 15 powerful magic effects.

Studio52 Presents

London Underground

Over Six Hours of footage with some of the greatest talent London has to offer!



If it's not perfect, it doesn't go up. We believe in taking our time and investing heavily in each of our projects. We want to make you a better magician, not a better consumer of magic. So if we don't use it ourselves, we don't sell it.



We know we stand on the shoulders of giants. We pay homage to those who have come before, and hope to inspire those who come after. No matter where you are on your magic journey - we'll be there with you for the next step.


Go Deeper

There's a reason we'll spend 8 hours teaching a second deal. It's not just about the mechanics, but correct technique, psychology, timing, framing connection and proper practice. If ever you want to go further - we're here. Just Reach Out.

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The Family

More than just a magic membership, The Family is the leading community in the magic community. Over 18 hours of exceptional quality teachings, masterclasses in technique, live jam sessions, community events and exclusive products and discounts.

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