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Inside Out by Ben Earl

Inside Out by Ben Earl

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Told through story and beautiful imagery you will discover 15 effects and techniques including: a Triumph, a Sandwich Routine, a Poker Deal, a Coin Vanish, a Transposition, an Ambitious Card Routine, a Transformation, a Torn & Restored Card, impossible predictions, a brilliant approach to the Cross-Cut Force, a slick handling of the French Drop and more psychological strategies than you can shake a stick at.

Forget everything you know about magic books… this is a different perspective with a different purpose.


  • Let’s Play Triumph – A completely re-branded and re-imagined handling of Triumph. This is not a trick, it’s a game.
  • Probably Impossible – A Sandwich effect which introduces genuine randomness and clever misdirection to create a perfect ‘in the hands’ miracle.
  • Lucky Deal – An impossible demonstration of skill and control which is done entirely by the spectator!
  • The Vanishing – Possibly the most amazing coin vanish you will ever perform. This is not a move, but a profound, interactive effect designed not to be forgotten.
  • The Unreal Transposition – An amazing transposition that is entirely psychological and literally takes place in the mind of a spectator.
  • Hidden Ambition – This might be one of the most subtle and beautiful handlings of the Ambitious Card. It is so simple and clean, that it appears to be something else entirely.
  • Portal – A transformation which takes place in a different realm.
  • Restoring The Past – A Torn & Restored card effect which also restores time.
  • A Universal Presentation – A devious piece of presentational psychology specifically designed to add conceptual depth and nuance to any effect.
  • Why Me? – A baffling prediction of any freely named card. Conjuring With Wonder – An effect designed to take place once the performance is over; one which cannot be known by the performer!
  • The Gift – An effect designed to be performed for one person on a special occasion. But to make it more special, they decide what effect is created… and if it ever finishes.
  • The Secret – After seeing an amazing piece of magic, the spectator has the chance to find out how it is done… but their decision will radically alter their experience and their understanding of ‘secrets’.


  • The Cross-Cut Force – Ben’s approach to this wonderful move is explained in detail with many additional ploys, touches and handlings.
  • The French Drop – Ben’s approach to this coin classic elevates it to new levels of deceptiveness.

Hardcover Book. 134 pages with full colour photos.