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You and Me and the Devil Makes Three by John Wilson

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three by John Wilson

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John Wilson, perhaps magic’s best-kept secret, invites you to join the ranks of those in the know. 'You and Me and The Devil Makes Three' is not just a book; it's a key to unlocking a world of new heights, where every page turns into a portal of possibilities.

This is an introduction to Wilson's unique perspective on magic – a blend of simplicity and impact. Dive into unforgettable routines; where a coin captures emotions, rapid calculation skills are showcased, separate reds and blacks in a borrowed deck, and deliver eerily accurate cradle-to-grave readings built solely on a spectator’s lies.




  • The Parabola - In which the spectator cuts to their selection
  • Euler and Water – In which the performer exhibits superhuman skill at math
  • The Hypnotic Coin Bend - In which a spectator’s hatred causes a coin to bend in their hand. Inspired by Skin from Ben Earl
  • Dream Catcher – In which a dream written on a card and placed in a wallet is divined)
  • Outer This World – In which the colors of the first thirteen cards of a shuffled deck are predicted
  • 1.5 Card Q&A - In which a spectator tells lies about a chosen card, yet still has it identified by the performer, who then proceeds into a cold reading
  • Down Under Control - In which a named card is seamlessly controlled to the bottom.
  • Plucker - In which a card is impossibly stolen from the middle of a spectator’s riffle shuffle.
  • The Carrollton Opener - In which a spectator experiences the same phenomenon in two different ways, a revamped and psychological ‘Chicago Opener’.
  • The Mirror - In which a spectator constructs an impossible coincidence with the performer.
  • A Healing Induction - In which a spectator is cured of an ailing thought.
  • A Number and a Card - In which a thought of card is found at a thought of number.
  • Sl(e)ight Levitation - In which a pen levitates on the performer’s hand, without thread or magnets.
  • Touches - In which a spectator feels the performer’s non-existent touch in real-time. It’s what all other PK touch routines wish they were.
  • A Prediction - In which the magician conducts a reading using any three objects placed in front of them, and predicts which item the spectator chooses.


  • The Path of Broken Hearts
  • On Confrontation
  • The Superman Problem
  • The Real Secret
  • Emotional Content
  • The Method of Faith
  • Tropes
  • Proof
  • Definition
  • The Magic of Words
  • Reading Readings
  • The Way to Loneliness

Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary, to enthral others, and to become part of the enchantment? The devil may make three, but the magic is infinite.

Note: This is an initial limited release that will sell out quickly. It is an omnibus collection of Volumes 1 and 2 - and the impossible-to-find Volume 3. If you missed your chance, sign up to be notified ready for the next release window.