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Tony Chang - I Was Kidnapped, Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes.


As anyone who's ever tried to get their hands on them will know, Tony's notes have been some of the most sought-after materials in the world of magic, with only 100 copies originally printed for a small lecture, recently fetching up to $450 each on eBay. 

For the first time in ten years, these notes are again available in a Studio52 Anniversary edition, with this pre-order exclusively available to Cards and Coffee attendees

Featuring six meticulously crafted effects with comprehensive crediting, 'I was Kidnapped' is a beautifully written discourse on both the style and substance of card magic - and in one instance, magic with a straw.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-decade opportunity to own card magic perfection.

Delivery: Printed 6 x 9 Booklet. 44 pages. 46 Black and White Photos.

Note: This is a Pre-Order available only to Cards and Coffee attendees. Shipping is included, and will be dispatched with your Cards and Coffee Notes.

These are the original notes written by Tyler Wilson in 2013, featuring a brand new introduction by Tony Chang. 

The material in this set of 6 x 9 notes was cherry-picked from a list of content originally slated for Tony's book - however that project has still not come to fruition (despite all who know him begging for it) -  as Tony is a perfectionist and never stops developing, progressing, evolving. 


  • That was a Freebie
    It's rare that you can have a spectator do your dirty work for you. It's even rarer when that dirty work is a spread cull. But if there was anything more rarefied than Unicorn poop - it's the thinking of Tony Chang.
  • Precrastination
    Taking inspiration from that LePaul control, this is an instant favourite - and also a slow burn that will have you discovering more on every subsequent read-through. 
  • Looper
    The only non-card magic item in this set, Looper is guaranteed to be overlooked as a novelty by most magicians. Don't. It is a treatise on eliminating the trap of the too-perfect method, a visible separation of cause and effect. 
  • Queens Gambit
    It's said that 'perception is reality' - and 'magic happens in the mind of the spectator' - Tony takes the banal out of these clichés, using indifferent cards to divine the identity of a spectator's selection. Then throws in a four-of-a-kind transposition. Because he's Tony Chang.
  • Deck Void
    A deck vanish. A card to pocket. A deck vanish to pocket. If you already know how to do a supposed deck vanish, that's great. You should forget it, because it's not as good as this.
  • Side Effects May Occur
    This combination of 'Twisting the Aces' and four-for-one transposition will bring just one result; shock and awe. 

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