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Card College #4 by Roberto Giobbi


The last tome of solid technique in the series, Volume 4 of Card College rounds out Giobbi's card mastery lessons with comprehensive teaching of forces, switches, passes, culls and pseudo demonstrations of skill.

Featuring essays on the structure of card magic, intellectual effects vs emotional effects and bibliographic notes for further reading and exploration, Volume 4 is guaranteed to enhance your card magic, no matter your skill level.

"Card College can currently be considered the most effective book available for learning the fundamentals of real card magic. Giobbi is VERY smart, and has done an excellent job of covering the material." - Aaron Fisher

Learn such invaluable sleights as the invisible pass, the turnover and spread passes, the Christ twist, second and bottom deals, the Jinx change, the Green angle separation, the cut force, the dribble force, and much more-including many tricks and routines by Mr. Giobbi himself.

Some of the topics covered in Volume Four include:

  • Forcing Techniques
  • Card & Packet Reversals
  • Advanced Passes
  • Culling & Stacking
  • Half Passes
  • Tilt
  • Sandwich Techniques
  • More Flourishes
  • Lapping
  • Card & Packet Switches
  • Estimation
  • Deck Switches
  • False Deals
  • Structural Theory