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Card College #5 by Roberto Giobbi


It's Graduation Time! In the final book of the series, Giobbi brings out the big guns, pulling from the wealth of sleights taught in the first four volumes to teach the absolute classics plots of card magic, those effects you pull out to leave 'em gobsmacked when someone says 'Show us a trick.'

We're talking Ace Assemblies, 3 Card Monte, Triumph, Ambitious Card, Spelling Tricks, Card to Wallet, The Color Changing Deck, Card At Any Number, The Happy Birthday Card Trick and many, many more.

"Extremely impressed. It contains a tremendous amount of solid material for beginning and even seasoned performers." - Jason England.

Volume 5 begins with a meaty chapter of new techniques and strategies, which include methods for covertly arranging stacks during performance, obtaining a duplicate of a spectator’s signature without his knowledge, and secretly conveying cards to and from the deck - powerful tools indeed.

But then Volume 5 diverges from the established Card College formula. Judging that the reader now has more than a sufficient number of tools in his grasp, Mr. Giobbi provides eight chapters filled with tricks and routines that illustrate how various techniques are applied to create world-class card magic. These effects, however, are not mere constructions meant for teaching. Most have been drawn from Roberto Giobbi’s professional repertoire-and because of this, even the classics of card magic are given a fresh gleam as Giobbi adds refinements won from years of performing experience.

His choice of material is impeccable, featuring not only original effects and handlings of his own, but tricks and routines by world-masters as well. One finds such gems as Fred Kaps’ presentation for The Signed Card in Box, along with Giobbi’s cunning treatment of this modern classic, Henry Christ’s fabulous Ace routine and a superb handling of a forgotten masterpiece by Charlie Miller. And everything is taught with the clarity and attention to detail for which the Card College series has become known. Open this book and prepare to graduate! Some of the topics covered in Volume Five include:

  • Making Secret Setups
  • False Shuffles
  • Obtaining Duplicate Signatures
  • Quick Tricks
  • Openers and Routines with the Aces
  • Favorite Effects
  • Gambling Demonstrations
  • Mental Mysteries

All in all, Volume Five features 34 professional-caliber routines that have astounded audiences the world over.