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The Family Icon Black Hoodie


  In developing a hoodie for The Family members to wear with pride (and extreme comfort) we applied the same principles of design as went into our signature Studio52 hoodie.

  • It had to be a premium garment. Something we ourselves would wear - 'cos we're stylish.
  • It had to be ethically responsible. No sweatshops, no animal products and earth friendly - 'cos that's where we live.
  • It had to be more comfortable than those ridiculous sleeved blanket things - 'cos we like to be snug.

We're delighted to finally be able to bring you this release, understated - yet perfectly engineered - traits we know that as a Family member, you'll be use to. Think of it as the exact opposite of Ian. It's bodily contact you'll welcome.



Made from a blend of 85% sustainably-sourced organic cotton and 15% recycled bottles saved from being ocean-bound plastics, this polycotton is finely combed and lightly sueded for a luxuriously soft feel. 

The hood is double layered, set with metal eyelets and metal tipped drawcords and the hoodie is rounded out with a convenient dual access snack pouch. Though you could probably keep other things in there if you ran out of snacks. 

Sporting The Family logo in white wireframed embroidery - this hoodie is perfect for the street, for formal wear - or as we've found out, for not taking off for weeks at a time while laying around the house. 

Made in the UK from local and imported materials. May ship separately from other items in your order. This hoodie runs true to size.