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Ricky Smith - I Spilled the Coffee


To 'spill the tea' means to spread gossip or share secrets, but Ricky Smith, being a good man, has kept it on-brand.

Now exclusively available from Studio52, this set of notes is a compilation of some of Ricky's best work - and new material heretofore unpublished. 

Combining essays that make learning historically difficult moves simple, placing reverse-engineered thinking in a new light, and creating effects as rationale for the use of the impractical (Ricky likes making excuses to be a move-monkey), ‘I Spilled the Coffee’ is a glimpse into the inner workings of a singular mind.

We doff our hats to you, Mr Smith.

Delivery: Printed 6 x 9 Booklet. 64 Pages. Black and White.

Collecting his favourites from 'Nothing as it Seems', 'Threeve' (with just 52 copies printed), ‘Card Men’ (by Dan and Dave) and his shiny new things, even if you never use a single thing from this booklet (you will) - it's worth it for the entertainment factor alone.

  • Egg Bag Routine
    Because not everything has to be done with cards.
  • Card at any Vowel
    ACAAN for those who lack the skill of counting past 5. This is essentially just an excuse for Ricky to use the Cherry Control.
  • Dealing DPS
    Order from chaos, Ricky uses the DPS to get into palm while raking in cards on the table. 
  • Learning Palming
    The sleight that unnecessarily scares more card magicians than any other is undoubtedly a simple palm. In this, Ricky provides tips for you to overcome this bête noire.
  • Learning Second Dealing
    Practical advice for learning the second deal, including sources and the common pitfalls to avoid.
  • When Life Gives You Lemons
    Coming off advice from the second deal, this is a NEW presentational angle for the punch deal.
  • Kepplinger Prediction
    An obsession with the multiple DPS - despite it being impractical for most purposes - led Ricky to develop a routine that uses an invisible holdout device, just so he had an excuse to use it. 
  • Multiple Card DPS Handling
    Inspired by Paul Chosse, this is a trove of nuances that elegantly solves the messy problem of the multiple DPS, forming a perfectly squared packet.
  • Notes on Sundry Items
    - The Art of Using the Coat as a Servante
    - Two Phase Ambitious Card Routine
    - Pulp Friction for Right-Handed Folk
  • The Bear Trick
    A card-to-box that provides actual motivation for the Torn'n'Restored card. Classic, Ricky Smith humour at its finest.
  • Shuffle DPS
    An ingenious method that controls a card in the action of a riffle shuffle. A control worth learning for its utility alone.
  • The Runcible Card Trick
    A combination of Sankey's 'Paperclipped' (or it's predecessor '#*@!') and a Torn'n'Restored - with that inimitable Ricky spin.
  • The Bar on Spring Street
    A lesson in subtleties taught through a shuffling lesson - all within the context of Steve Forte's 'Spring St. Aces'. 
  • The Odds Against Us
    A spectator chooses a card and signs it without being prompted. Just kidding - it's a signed card to envelope effect.
  • What a Fool Believes
    In Ricky's words 'This is a think-a-card trick that rarely works... but I find it funny.'
  • Damn It...
    A new angle on Pat Page's 'Easy Money' - for when you don't want to get asked about it for hundreds of years after you did it... and don't mind if the effect isn't as strong as it could be. Ricky's way of 'leaving them wanting more.'

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