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New Theory Switching by Ben Earl


The second installment of the Deep Magic Seminars Summer Sessions, this session unravels Ben's near-savantism of the methods for switching cards, including multiple lifts, top changes and second deals.

Like all the DMS Sessions, this began as a live event, now captured here in live recordings.

Running Time: 8 Hours
Delivery: Video Streaming

A four week course in the art of invisibly switching cards for real people under real world conditions. Through six hours of online seminars you will learn a revolutionary system for integrating the Double Lift, the Top Change and the Second Deal into one fluid card switching system. 

You will not only learn more advanced techniques for the Double Lift and the Top Change but radical new ways to practice and integrate them. This system is designed to go under-the-radar—allowing you to switch cards invisibly in any environment.


Included in New Theory Switching:
Double Lift/Turnover
The Top Change 
Technical variations
Technical transitions
Integrating the system
Technical Drills

Running Time: 8 Hours
Delivery: Video Streaming

Studio52Magic - Ben Earl: New Theory Switching