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Switch by Ben Earl


Two stunning transpositions—one with cards and one with coins. No table, gimmicks or duplicates are required. You start and end clean, plus… it’s in their hands!

Delivery: Printed A5 Booklet. 24 Pages. Black & White

‘Switch’ is an in-depth exploration of the Transposition plot using nothing but ordinary props and skill. The technique, psychology and presentations are covered in detail including multiple variations to assists in stage-by-stage learning.

If you are prepared to practice you will have two translations that look and feel 100% real.

Paper Switch: The performer places an Ace of Spades in their pocket and the spectator holds any contrasting card in their hands. Without a false move both cards magically transpose!

Metal Switch: The performer holds a silver coin in their closed hand and the spectator holds a copper coin in their closed hand. Without a false move the coins impossibly transpose!