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Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo


Probably the most influential card magician of all time, what Ed Marlo didn't know about card magic could be written in the center pip of the Ace of Hearts. Here, in Revolutionary Card Technique, Marlo's workings, sleights and tricks are revealed across more than 500 pages and takes pride of place on the bookshelves of the greatest cardicians in the industry.

"If I were stranded on the proverbial desert island and could bring only one book, my choice would be Revolutionary Card Technique."
- Bill Malone

Here it is-the legendary Ed Marlo's entire Revolutionary Card Technique series all together in one volume! With over 500 pages, more than 1000 illustrations and 14 chapters covering all aspects of advanced manipulation, this is the most complete single reference book on Ed Marlo's card magic available. 

Each individual booklet that this book is comprised of was a classic in its time and is still an essential volume for any serious card worker's library. The booklets contained impressive new technique that are still now, fifty years later, some of the best, most advance technique available. In this sense, Marlo was truly ahead of his time.

Newly edited and illustrated for clarity and ease-of-use, the wealth of information contained can elevate your card work to new heights.

Included in Revolutionary Card Technique:
Preface by Bill Malone
Introduction by David Ben
Cardician Marlo by Frances Marshall
Detailed Contents
I. Miracle Card Changes
II. Action Palm
III. Fingertip Control
IV. The Side Steal
V. The Tabled Palm
VI. The Faro Shuffle
VII. Faro Notes
VIII. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part One)
IX. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Two)
X. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Three)
XI. The Multiple Shift
XII. Card Switches
XIII. Estimation (Part One)
XIV. Estimation (Part Two)

Pages 538 - Hardbound