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This is Not a Box by Ben Earl

This is Not a Box by Ben Earl

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‘Selected Time Travel’ is a beautiful transformation of a card via the notion of time travel.

‘A Choice Illusion’ is a transformation of a card which will be viewed and understood differently by everyone that sees it.

‘The More You Know’ is a transformation of a card through radical honesty in which the performer describes the exact method of the trick… yet still nothing can be seen.

‘Confirmation Bias’ is a divination of a mentally chosen card which not only feels real, but it is deviously open about its methodology.

‘Primary Movement’ is a stunning teleportation of a coin from one hand to the other. This coin effect has become a reputation maker for Ben and somewhat of a modern classic.

‘Pocket Time Machine’ is a stunning coin vanish and conceptual demonstration of time travel.

Real Magic and The Empty Space are two powerful essays which will undoubtedly transform your attitude and approach to magic.

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Michael Vincent

I love Ben's work
Being deaf means I am reading a lot more than ever.
This Book strikes a chord with me due to Ben's deep understanding and his ability to communicate his understanding in simple language.

The effects are strong, well structured and for me I have no problem trusting the psychological under pinnings because I studied with Slydini 40 years ago

Slydini impressed upon me to trust the psychology to do its job. Ben gets this and it proves how strong his magic is. What I find interesting is how someone so skill full can design such beautiful magic with a well structured methodology that appears "easy to do". This is a big trap; simplicity and easy are not the same - it takes great skill and technical no how to create strong magic. This book is a great example of Ben's thinking and design process.

Highly recommended.

Michael Vincent 2024