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Card College #3 by Roberto Giobbi


Due to an overwhelming amount of content, Giobbi splits this next step of his card magic mastery lessons into two volumes - 3 & 4, playing off each other. This intermediate step continues on the path previously laid - and is a recommended starting point for those magicians who have started their card magic journey elsewhere, and are only now returning to solidify their foundational knowledge.

Beginning with a foreword by Ascanio, Volume 3 contains material from the likes of Dai Vernon, Max Malini, Juan Tamariz, Alex Elmsley, Ed Marlo and Tony Kardyro - and that's just the first 20 pages of 325 in this volume.

“The Card College books are the modern cornerstone of all of card magic.”
Gordon Bruce.

Volume Three contains instruction on such invaluable sleights as the push-off double turnover, one-handed top palm, the Ascanio spread, gambler’s cop, the Vernon addition, false displays and riffle shuffles, the convincing control, the Olram subtlety, and much more-including many powerful card tricks and routines. Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements, guaranteeing every reader fresh techniques and insights.

Volume Three includes:

  • The Biddle Steal
  • The K.M. Move
  • Oil and Water
  • Breaks, Steps & Injogs
  • The Gemini Count
  • The LePaul Automatic Jog Control
  • The D'Amico Spread
  • Advanced Palming
  • Card Controls
  • The Zarrow Shuffle
  • Triumph
  • Advanced Double Lifts
  • Multiple Shifts
  • The Pull-Through Shuffle
  • The Faro Shuffle
  • Color Changes
  • The Side Steal
  • The Diagonal Palm Shift
  • False Counts and Displays