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Deep Coin Work by Ben Earl


Over nearly 6 hours of teaching, Ben Earl finally lets the cat out of the bag on his closely guarded and unique approach to coin magic. 

Learn how to properly handle a coin, imbuing a deftness of motion that allows sleights to blend into the natural flow of coin manipulation. 

Starting with the basics of holding, transferring and displaying, through nuances that make vanishes seamless and finishing with advanced handlings, practice drills and psychology, Ben lays the foundation for the devastating coin effects that round out the session. 

Running Time: 5 Hours, 52 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming

Created as a month-long course with a new lesson each week,  Deep Coin Work tips Ben's unique approach to magic with coins. Not only are effects and techniques be explored, but the soft handling and psychological secrets which makes Ben's coin work so deceptive are revealed here, in full detail.

This course is not just about moves and effects, but new ways to think about coin magic so that it can become much bigger and simpler at the same time. This is about developing direct and powerful magic… which goes beyond the coins themselves.


A new approach to coin magic:
Isolated and non-isolated transfers
Practice methods
Palm positions
Aquitments and Transfers


Three Fly
Primary Movement
Metal Switch
Pocket Time Machine
Copper Silver Brass
And more…

Running Time: 5 Hours, 52 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming