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Unreal Card Magic 2

Unreal Card Magic 2

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This is as good as it gets.

Unreal Card Magic 1  is a comprehensive guide to creating powerful moments using the correct techniques, routine structure, and foundational theory. Unreal Card Magic 2 is the next level.
This is not for casual viewers looking for the next neat trick. The ten effects taught here are the top-shelf work Ben's been sitting on and refining in secret (eight of which have never been published anywhere else). 

  • The One: An impossible transformation that takes place with just a single card in their hands while the rest of the deck is in their pocket! The performer holds nothing. 
  • Manifest: A card is placed face up for all to see, even though it is not covered and remains out in the open, it changes into their selection without anyone seeing when or how. 
  • Superego: The deck is shuffled by a spectator and they freely name a card. The performer skilfully finds all four Aces from the shuffled deck... and then their named card.
  • Real ACAAN: A number and card are freely named. The spectator shuffles the deck, deals down to their number and their named card is there! It's that clean! 
  • The In-between: A deeply mysterious visual discovery of a selected card which happens in their hands and under the cleanest conditions.
  • Head Box: A card is plucked from their mind and then physically plucked from the boxed deck! 
  • Fingerprints: A startling and extremely direct transformation of a card which is apparently located by a spectator's fingerprints. 
  • Octopus 2: An ultra-clean handling of Out of Sight Out of Mind. This is an advanced handling of Octopus from UCM 1. 
  • Red Handed: A prediction is made. The deck is shuffled by a spectator and one is freely chosen… all without the performer touching the deck. Under these impossible conditions, the prediction is correct. 
  • Three-Way Squeeze: A card is freely named and every card slowly vanishes into thin air, leaving only their named selection.
  • Theory: A nuanced examination of the social context of magic, transitions, building to impossible, confidence, hecklers, changing plans, pitfalls to avoid, ego, presentation, and finding inspiration. 

Over 4.5 hours long!

These effects are streamlined to the extreme. They use fundamental techniques but take them to greater heights. Simple doesn't mean easy. 

We don't want you to waste your money; this is only for die-hards willing to put in the work.
This is your next step if you already have Unreal Card Magic 1. If you skipped out but are at an intermediate level (5+ years in card magic), then you can jump right in. 

Say goodbye to what card magic used to be.
Get ready for the next evolution of your magic. 

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