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Tony Chang - I Was Kidnapped, Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes.

Tony Chang - I Was Kidnapped, Left in Taiwan and All I Got Were These Notes.

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These are the original notes written by Tyler Wilson in 2013, featuring a brand new introduction by Tony Chang. 

The material in this set of 6 x 9 notes was cherry-picked from a list of content originally slated for Tony's book - however that project has still not come to fruition (despite all who know him begging for it) -  as Tony is a perfectionist and never stops developing, progressing, evolving. 


  • That was a Freebie
    It's rare that you can have a spectator do your dirty work for you. It's even rarer when that dirty work is a spread cull. But if there was anything more rarefied than Unicorn poop - it's the thinking of Tony Chang.
  • Precrastination
    Taking inspiration from that LePaul control, this is an instant favourite - and also a slow burn that will have you discovering more on every subsequent read-through. 
  • Looper
    The only non-card magic item in this set, Looper is guaranteed to be overlooked as a novelty by most magicians. Don't. It is a treatise on eliminating the trap of the too-perfect method, a visible separation of cause and effect. 
  • Queens Gambit
    It's said that 'perception is reality' - and 'magic happens in the mind of the spectator' - Tony takes the banal out of these clichés, using indifferent cards to divine the identity of a spectator's selection. Then throws in a four-of-a-kind transposition. Because he's Tony Chang.
  • Deck Void
    A deck vanish. A card to pocket. A deck vanish to pocket. If you already know how to do a supposed deck vanish, that's great. You should forget it, because it's not as good as this.
  • Side Effects May Occur
    This combination of 'Twisting the Aces' and four-for-one transposition will bring just one result; shock and awe. 

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