The M-Word Podcast

Studio52 Presents

The M-Word

Join magician and creative artist Ben Earl as he takes you on a deeply personal journey to explore meaning, mastery and magic.

#1 - A Strange Buzz

In our First Episode, Ben finds himself battling with a buzz, laying the groundwork for the community and contemplating the realisation that starting something isn't as easy as it seems.

#2 - Zombie Attack

In this episode Ben discusses the 'why' behind the 'what', meaning, connections, candles and communicating with zombie apocalypse survivors.

#3 - Duelling With Wands

In this episode Ben discusses Blackpool, ghosts, pigeon fanciers, broken dreams, kindness and the possibility of building something new.

#4 - Obsessed With Pigeons

In this episode Ben discusses the ultimate question, Coronavirus, hot water bottles & drugs, becoming a gorilla and the magic of ambiguity.

#5 - Like A Fox Eating Popcorn

In this episode Ben talks about deep basics, the Corona monster, survival skills, grey men, Jedi’s, cards as weapons, Steph Curry, Zen, bad metaphors and drums up support to help an elderly friend

#6 - Community is Everything

In this episode Ben talks about bunkering down, film, TV, strange sex noises, turning it up to eleven, banishing jugglers, greatness, kindness and chorizo with lime.

#7 - Think, Examine & Question

In this episode Ben talks about filming gorillas, Friday nights, Ryan Gosling, love, practice, architecture, design, movement, puppetry, archery, flow, handrails and Google helps him to pronounce a name.

#8 Too Many Bananas

In this episode Ben discusses dancing to Footloose, producing a swan, deep-rooted insecurity, ‘Art’, happiness, Bourbon biscuits and the Groundhog Day effect.

#9 Bigger Than Myself

In this episode Ben talks about Studio52, the search for happiness, loneliness, narcissism, teamwork, community, feeling incomplete, the desire to do something special and how Instagram has caused him to lose his mind.

#10 - The Incredible Flying Caterpillar

In this episode Ben talks about beach shorts, birdsong and Snow White. He gives a caterpillar new home and repeatedly deconstructs a simple card trick in order to reveal many complex possibilities.

#11 The Unprincipled Trickster

In this episode Ben talks about stallions, meaning, escaping the tyranny of the individual, a new kind of magic show, homework from David Williamson and questions whether a hotdog is a sandwich.

#12 - Reflecting on 'Live'

In this episode Ben reflected on the largest project of his career, STUDIO52|LIVE|. A magic event over 52 days in lenghth ending in a marthon 24 hour charity live stream. For the first time hear the behind the scenes stories from his dicsussioned with David Copperfield, Steve Forte, David Blaine, Uri Geller and many many more!

#13 A Cluster of Silver Clams

In this episode Ben talks about running into a tree, startling a horse, building a robot, the mysterious Tristan Lefleur, Taoism, mullet combs, riding the back of a dolphin, eating kelp in a cave and we the M-Word has a live phone call with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

#14 A Harp Called Susan

In this episode Ben discusses Palm Juice, making breakfast with Whitney Houston, slow-motion riots, Batman voice-messages, The Shift #3, experiencing real magic, looking back at old projects, drinking quietly on the mic and the potential of a secret podcast.

#15 - When Benjamin Earl Fooled Penn & Teller

In this episode Benjamin Earl discusses his experience on 'Penn & Teller Fool Us' in 2010. He discusses his motivations, anxieties and the opportunities which presented themselves after he won the show! (This recording was made while broadcasting live on Instagram).