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The Family - Rendezvous 2024 Special Offer

The Family - Rendezvous 2024 Special Offer

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The Family is at its heart, a community. It's a monthly membership focused around a single principle and exclusive videos per month that are explored and discussed in-depth with your guide, Ben Earl. 

Every month, you'll get access to:

Effects, Techniques, Theory, Talks, Podcasts, Live Events, access to The Family Forum and MUCH more!

We're changing  the way things are done in this industry.

From this side of the curtain, it's clear to see that too much of magic today is intent on making you a better customer - not a better magician. 

How much have you spent on magic that's now just laying in a drawer, forgotten and untouched? The Family changes that, by arming you with tried-and-tested knowledge honed over decades of real-world performances that you can start using immediately - with gear like cards and coins you already own. But this isn't some bone-dry lecture on theory or rhetoric railing against a broken machine. Each lesson is framed around highly-visual, edge-of-your-seat magic, across multiple formats - performance, behind-the-scenes, in-studio teaching, deep-dive masterclasses and live interactive sessions, all taught by one of the most respected names in magic.


- Master your technique, movement and timing to discover what naturalness is all about.

- Control an audience's attention more effectively to ensure they're looking in all the right places—and none of the wrong ones.

- Develop more powerful and authentic performances that feel like you and not someone else.

- Relate to the art and craft of magic in new ways so you can discover new depths of meaning and possibility from what you love.

- Connect with other magicians around the world—sharing experiences and knowledge in a variety of ways.

- Actually improve; making a real investment in your craft—rather than becoming a sucker to overly-hyped trailers and unnecessary products that stagnate your growth.