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Brilliant Basics by Ben Earl

Brilliant Basics by Ben Earl

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A four week course on mastering fundamental card magic technique. Through six hours of online seminars, you will develop a deeper understanding of the basics and how to make all your card magic more deceptive. You will not only learn new sleight of hand techniques but new ways to apply and practice them. The ultimate goal is to inspire you, give you new tools and see the basics in brand new ways.


    • Technical improvements
      • Spreading
      • Shuffling
      • Dealing
      • Squaring

    • Natural handling
      • Soft touch
      • Tension
      • Transitions

  • Break management 
  • Jog Shuffle 
  • Lift Shuffle
  • Mahatma Shuffle
  • Greek Shuffle 
  • False Cut
  • The Pass 
  • Subtle key cards
  • Subtle key controls
  • Culling
  • The Classic Force
  • Riffle Force 
  • Dribble Force
  • Cross-Cut Force
  • Top Palm
  • Simple Double Lift
  • Simple Top Change
  • Revelations

*We've been told by the patent office this is not something Ben actually holds a trademark on, because it's... as they put it, 'not a thing'. We protest vehemently, and shall continue calling it as such.

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