The Family

The most elite magic membership in the world… nothing else comes close.

At its heart, The Family is a community dedicated to mastering practical and powerful magic.
No compromises, no exceptions.

Yes, Ben Earl is a huge part of this… but it’s become SO much more!

“I would 100% recommend this! I hesitated for WAY too long and I still can’t get over the sheer volume and QUALITY of the content. It’s mind blowing 🤯” - Chris H.

"A continuous source of inspiration, and a constant reminder of how incredible Magic can be." - Vincent D.

"It’s without a doubt the most supportive large group of magicians I have seen in my 40+ years in magic. It’s my happy place." - Matthew W.

Instant access to
the true secrets of
invisivle technique.
devious psychology,
and powerful presentation!
The strongest
effects and moves
professionally filmed
for an immersive
learning experience


Over 50 Powerful Effects: New live performances, in-depth tutorials, and director’s commentaries every month.

Technical Masterclasses: Comprehensive training videos on the most effective sleight-of-hand techniques.

The Family Forum: Connect with hundreds of other members to enhance your skills and share advice.

Online Hangouts: Two live hangouts every week, with impromptu ones popping up all the time.

Meditations: Videos giving you brand new insights on how to practice more effectively.

Interviews: Monthly discussions with magic’s greatest minds, including Derren Brown, Jared Kopf, Michael Weber, Asi Wind, and more.

Bonus Content: A treasure trove of podcasts, theory videos, and documentaries.

Considering all you gain, £22/month is a remarkable bargain, set low for a true investment in your art.


Hidden Ambition
Paper Switch
Confirmation Bias
Face Value
It's You
Primary Movement
Metal Switch
In Your Hand
Hidden Ambition
Paper Switch
Confirmation Bias
Face Value
It's You
Primary Movement
Metal Switch
In Your Hand
Truth Be Told
The More You Know
The Touch
Blue Haddock
Probably Impossible
Three-Way Squeeze
Selected Time Travel
Sleeve Job
Lucky Deal
Just A Second
The Resourceful Professional
The Unreal Transposition
Four Words
Blue Moon Triumph
Spin On This
Thank You John
No One Likes a Show-Off
A Jedi Mind Trick
Tip Your Hand
Ben Finds A Card
No Motion Aces
What If?
Stepping Stones
New Theory ACR
The Triangle
Four Card Impossible
Perfect World
Less Than Three Seconds
Professional Control
Slowly Approaching Ninja
The Last Mohican
Three For Canasta
An Imagination Game
The Malini Change
The Multiple Revelation
The Deep Transposition
Mr. Invisible

“Join for the technicalities, stay for the magic. This is the way." —Jèga D.

“One of the best things about the Family is the community. The people here are incredible to be around and jam with.” - Tom B.

“Highly recommend! It’s a membership that you’ll enjoy as well as through provoking about the art that we love! 🔥🙌” - Phil T.

The Family is magic’s best-kept secret.

It’s so good that not even our members tell their friends about it because they want to keep everything for themselves.

Learn why nobody wants to talk!