One of our all-time heroes may have said ‘It ain’t easy being green’ – but at Studio52, we’ve never done things the easy way. We recognise that we have a responsibility to leave this planet better for us having been on it, through social equity initiatives, ecological accountability and environmental policy.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability begins with our transition from plastic mailers to recyclable packaging made from renewable sources, and as a signatory to the European Packaging Directive, we’ve engaged The Reclay Group to manage the recovery and reprocessing of all post-consumer materials.

Not content to simply reduce the burden of our enterprise on the biome, we’re endeavouring to deliver a net positive. At its heart, Studio52 does this by bringing joy and moments of wonder, and empowering others to do the same. We believe that such an ephemeral action should be complemented with a tangible one.

With every order we receive, we donate a portion of our revenue to coastal communities through our sustainability partner, Seven Clean Seas, reclaiming ocean-bound plastics from seas, waterways and the Pacific Ocean in the Bintan archipelago, Indonesia.

Studio52’s energy footprint is offset by our partnership with Yakopi with the planting of mangrove saplings in Northern Sumatra, with every tree planted sequestering a kilogram of C02 emissions per month – up to a third of a ton in its lifetime.

Our carbon footprint from production and shipping is offset with Kenvo and the Kereita Reforestation Project, committed to the planting of new growth yellowwood trees and renewable bamboo forests in Kenya, establishing an ethical industry bringing commerce to the peoples of Kijabe, whilst supplanting introduced invasive species with native forests – in particular, the national tree of South Africa.

As Studio52Magic we recognise the privileged position in which we operate, with the responsibility to ensure that our net impact on our world must be a positive one and we’re committed to ensuring that our children – and yours – can continue to benefit from the impression we leave on this world.

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