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Vintage Restoration Canvas Artworks - Thurston The Great


At Studio52, we’re big in acknowledging the greats of bygone eras, knowing that they paved the way for us to follow – and continue to inspire us to this day.


The golden age of magic and vaudeville produced some of the greatest artworks the world has seen, however tragically many of these were lost to the ravages of time… until now.


This artwork is a reproduction of the original Thurston the Great's 'Wonder Show of the Universe' printed by the Otis Lithograph Co, c. 1914.

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In an effort to share our admiration and respect for these forebears of magic with a new generation, we are proud to offer this carefully curated selection of canvas artworks, with some reprinted for the first time in 100 years.

We partnered with curators and archivists from private collections, libraries and museums to obtain the original lithograph posters which were carefully scanned at massive resolution and hand retouched to bring them back to their original full-colour glory.

Through a process of trial and error, we finally found a lithographer in the US familiar with reproduction techniques who dazzled us with their proof-of-concept canvas printing.

Each full-resolution, restored reproduction has been printed using archival inks on pre-stretched gallery canvas, then finished with a UV-resistant coating to prevent crazing, yellowing and fading – allowing them to stand up to another century on display on your office or living room wall.

As framing is an individual choice, each canvas is shipped unframed, carefully rolled in a poster tube, preventing creasing and protecting the artwork from damage during delivery. May be delivered separately from other items in your order.

Designed in the UK. Printed in USA.
© Studio52Magic Ltd. 2022

Care Instructions

Your canvas has been finished with a UV resistant coating to prevent fading over the life of the artwork, however we recommend not placing it in a spot where it will receive direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Instead, to best bring out the rich colours of your artwork under light, use non-fluorescent gallery or picture lighting, or diffused natural light.

Like any fixture in your home, your artwork may collect dust over time, unless you still live with your mum - or a particularly finickety partner. When it's time for cleaning, use a feather duster to wipe the surface. The coating on your canvas is designed to protect the print, so any marks requiring more than a simple dust can be wiped clean with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.

If you need to swap your canvas with another for variety, store your artwork sandwiched between acid-free paper - available here, either laid flat on foamcore sheets or rolled into a poster tube.

When it comes to framing, your canvas has been pre-stretched and is ready to hang on a full frame, mount or stretchers. However it is recommended not to place your canvas under glass, to allow it to breathe and prevent the buildup of moisture.

Due to it being subjected to the trials and tribulations of the postal system, your canvas may have small creases or wrinkles when it first arrives - much as you would after travelling for so long. Simply let your canvas rest over the back of a chair or across a clothes horse, wardrobe rail or trouser press for 24 hours to give the fibers time to relax - and your canvas will be back to its original, ready-to-hang glory.