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Unreal Card Magic


The most direct approach to card magic you’ll find.
We teamed up with Ellusionist to collectively bring something new to the industry, setting your magic on the right path, whether you're brand new to it or a consummate professional.

Through 19 must-know sleights, 12 reputation-making effects, psychology and philosophy, Unreal Card Magic gives you a powerful new pathway to blow minds in ANY environment.

The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Card Magic. Taught by the world's best; Ben Earl. Learn it Once - Use it Forever.


Unreal Card Magic


Yes. We guarantee it.

Unreal Card Magic will teach YOU how to do the most face-melting, awe-inspiring, scream-inducing card magic on the planet.

  • You don't need special hands.
  • You don't need any special ability.
  • You don't need any prior knowledge, skill or dexterity.

We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to absolutely blow people away.

Even if you're short on confidence, or lacking in people skills, then Unreal Card Magic can help you thrive.

... And it's all possible with a normal (or borrowed) deck of cards. So no matter where you are, as long as you have a deck of cards in your pocket...

It's f**king game on.


Showing someone a card trick is the fastest way to friendship, admiration or envy.

Whether you want to be or not, you’ll be the most interesting person in the room.

Because magic breaks down barriers, builds confidence and opens doors.

If you're a beginner, this project will teach you everything you'll ever need. So you can learn it fast - and learn it easily.

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Unreal Card Magic
Unreal Card Magic


If you're a pro, this project will change your life.

Is that hype? ... No! We're dead serious.

We've been selling the secrets to magic tricks for over 2 decades & have served over 1million customers. We know what good magic is.

The theory, nuances and tips inside the project are worth thousands of dollars, because that's how much it would cost you to try and find this level of insight on your own.

It would cost you thousands of dollars and years of your life... But not with this.

Unreal Card Magic will redefine 'how' you currently perform. You'll become smoother, better, more fooling and more confident during your execution of these card tricks.

  • Ben will show you THE exact angle to hold the deck to make your sleights more invisible.
  • Ben will show you WHERE to put your feet to make your top change undetectable.
  • He will even show you the PSYCHOLOGY required to make all your switches imperceptible.

Unreal Card Magic

So Much More
Than a Video

While the value of this project is undoubtedly in Ben's teaching, we believe that great things come in... great looking packages. Unreal Card Magic contains a wooden hand artpiece, two exclusive Black Tally-Ho decks and the WTF book by Ben Earl housed within a custom wooden box.

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Go Beneath the
Veneer of Magic.

Included as part of Unreal Card Magic is a hidden treasure - 'WTF by Ben Earl.' It's further thoughts on the structure, technique and psychology of magic from an obsessed and mindful conjurer. If Unreal Card Magic is the how of card magic, WTF is the why.

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