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Finessed Frank Thompson Cut


Trade Secrets Number 3, the Finessed Frank Thompson Cut, is Ben's revised handling of the classic Thompson false cut, retaining stocks or full deck order.

Included in this video are three distinct deliveries of the cut; in the hands, on the table and as a four card production, tipping the secrets of 'Four Packet Flow' first published in Less is More, as well as his previously unreleased subtleties of the finessed cut at the table.

Running Time: 17 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming

A breakdown of Ben's handling of the classic Frank Thompson False Cut. This False Cut technique has become a classic for good reason, it is simple, robust and deceptive, however Ben’s touches improve this already stellar classic.

You will also learn a tabled version of this cut and a four card production which creates the impression of four cards being cut from different areas in one fluid sequence.

Running Time: 17 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming