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Real Coin Magic by Ben Earl


'Real Magic' may seem somewhat of an oxymoron, but when coins are in the hands of Ben Earl, the description is immediately apt. Vanishes, transpositions, colour changes and productions naturally become part of the fabric of reality, accepted as entirely plausible.

Here for the first time are 5 routines straight from Ben's performing repertoire, made possible with nothing more than a deft touch and the change you have in your pocket.

Primary Movement and Metal Switch are also taught in intricate detail in the June content of The Family.

“Ben’s coin magic may be the most magical, practical, straight-forward approach I have ever seen. Brilliant is not a good enough word to describe it.”
– Chris Kenner

Delivery: Slimline DVD

Real Coin Magic introduces a completely new approach to coin magic. For the first time on video, learn five brand new coin tricks from Ben Earl. These effects feel raw and dig down to the bare bones of coin magic. The idea behind this DVD set is that coin magic can be direct, clear, and just like real magic. All five routines use normal pocket change, and rely on the use of clever psychological ploys instead of difficult sleight of hand.

Taught in Real Coin Magic:

A coin is placed in the left hand and a participant holds both wrists. Instantly, the coin transports from your left to your right hand.
A purely psychological coin vanish. The audience will believe they really see the coin dematerialize.
Using psychology instead of sleight of hand to cause a two-coin transposition between your hand and a spectator’s hand.
Ben’s Hidden In Plain Sight and No Touch Switches — simple but devious.
A coin vanish where you transport the audience backwards in time just a few seconds. Perfect for any small object.

"Ben’s magic looks real. His movement is so fluid that everything feels effortless."
– David Blaine

"I’m stunned. This is how magic with coins should look. Ben is the best I’ve seen."
– Asi Wind

Studio52Magic - Ben Earl: No Shuffling Allowed