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Studio52 Presents: The Black Tee


It's black. It's a tee. It's a black tee.

Show your undying love... with flowers or chocolates or something - to someone appropriate. Not us. We're just a magic store. But do it while wearing this classic black tee, because it's unabashedly yet understatedly cool.

The Studio52 Black Tee is a fundamental classic. It's an unofficial uniform around the studio - simply because it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It's a Black Tee.

Don't get us wrong - this is a premium, 100% organic, sustainably sourced and certified cotton, ringspun into single jersey, providing a softer, finer and more durable fabric than standard cottons or polyblends.

It's vegan, PETA certified and sourced from socially-responsible factories that supply a real living wage to their workers, as accredited by FairWear. 

However, at the end of the day - it's still just a black tee. It's not going to give you magical powers, it won't make you dinner nor will it stave off the zombie apocalypse.

But you'll be comfortable, and looking classically stylish when it does occur. And that's all any of us really wants, right?

Made in the UK from local and imported materials. May ship separately from other items in your order. This shirt runs true to size.