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Blood, Sweat & Tears


A three part course engineered to break down your hands and rebuild them into tools for performing effortless feats of natural magic with playing cards. Think of it as boot camp for your fingers.

Blood, Sweat and Tears takes you through the right way to master your sleights once and for all, starting with a solid foundation, reinforced by the right way to practice, and culminating in a set of five stunning effects of pure eye-candy that work in the real world.

Running Time: 3 Hours, 36 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming

Join Ben Earl for three card magic sessions that are not for the faint hearted—or those remotely sensitive to the horrors of extreme pasteboard manipulation. These sessions are for the maniacs, the obsessives and the lunatics who take perverse pleasure from learning advanced sleight of hand with playing cards.

Do you want to develop a world class touch, flow and technical ability? Do you want to learn secrets, skills and effects so advanced they will make hairs on the back of your neck burst into flames? For the first time ever, Ben reveals the true secrets behind his technical mastery. It’s within reach of anyone… but it will require your blood, sweat and tears.

Some of you will cry, others will roar a triumphant roar as their sleight of hand is catapulted to the heavens and praised by the Gods—a chance to escape the sheer hell of ‘satisfactory’ card handling.

With no gimmicks or extreme angles, everything can be used in the real world… for those brave enough to try!


Advanced hand intelligence – Develop a completely new understanding and approach to card handling

1 hour session Followed by up to 15 minute Q&A

  • Initial movement
  • Follow through movement
  • Light touch & Soft hands
  • Relaxed Edges
  • Casual set-ups and execution
  • Riding bevels
  • Fluid Get-readies
  • One-handed squaring & repositioning
  • Touch breaks
  • Internal misdirection

Elite practice drills – Prepare for your technique to enter new realms of fluidity

1 hour session Followed by up t o 15 minute Q&A

  • Transition Drills
  • Natural handling Drills
  • Intuitive Drills
  • Touch Drills
  • Overload Drills
  • Break Drills
  • One-handed Drills
  • Flow Drills

Scary Effects – Learn five advanced effects and techniques that will make people’s eyes and minds explode

1 hour session Followed by up to 15 minute Q&A

  • Overly Ambitious – An elite handling of the Ambitious Card.
  • Four The Hard Way – A spectator freely and cleanly removes four cards from a shuffled deck… which prove to be four-of-a-kind.
  • Trovac  – A stunning, visual demonstration of sleight of hand… using only one hand!
  • You Decide – A card is selected under test conditions and appears in any one of the performer’s pockets… chosen by the spectator.
  • Ridiculous – A clever demonstration of pseudo skill for locating four-of-a-kind from a shuffled deck.

You will also learn a Fan Steal, a One-handed Shift, an impossible card switch, a creative use of a false shuffle and much more!

Running Time: 3 Hours, 36 Minutes
Delivery: Video Streaming