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The Shift #2 by Ben Earl


The second volume in the three part set, Shift #2 steps things up a notch, with even more content and attention-to-detail than the ambitious first volume: presenting powerful magic effects, technique and theory in brand-new ways - creating a unique literary magic resource and a great cover-to-cover read.

Filled with powerful effects and techniques, articles on the art of practice and the nature of deception, and new methods for supercharging your skills, the production quality of Shift #2 is only eclipsed by its content.

The Shift #2 builds on the work in #1 with material to be used entirely ‘in-the-hands’, with no table in sight: Three stunning close-up effects, three practical takes on classic techniques and three theoretical articles which will supercharge your understanding and ability.


Stepping Stones
A baffling three-phased sequence of productions and transformations with ‘thought of’ cards. This in-the-hands gem was specifically designed for maximum psychological impact in the real world.
Slow Roll
A truly impossible card location in which the spectator genuinely shuffles the deck, freely selects a card, freely returns it and shuffles again… yet the card can be found in any way the performer wishes. Utterly baffling, this is a beautiful disguise for an ancient principle…
A hyper-surreal handling of the Ambitious Card in which a selection and a signature repeatedly appear and disappear at different moments in time and space. This routine leaves the spectator with an ‘impossible object’ and will inspire a new appreciation for this classic effect.


The Erdnase Top Palm
New insights, advice and a detailed breakdown of the best top palm in the world.
The Riffle Force
A subtle finesse on the classic Riffle Force which you will immediately start using.
A False Swing Cut
An amazing in-the-hands False Cut which looks extremely natural. Ben has popularised this technique in recent years and has some beautiful touches which make it impossible to detect.


Breaking The Frame
An essay which builds on the material in #1 and provides deeper insights into how we can make our card magic more deceptive with very simple alterations to our technique.
The Art of Practice
A sequence of six unique training drills to improve your magic technique—using nothing but a rubber ball and your feet!
Influence and Deception
The second in a series of essays dealing with the nature of deception and its relationship to magic. This ‘type’ of information and research has previously only been available within UK military/government groups.

The Shift is specifically designed to assist you as you learn, to be read on-the-go but also look great on your bookshelf. It is a high-quality, full colour, hard-backed publication—with every element produced in collaboration with industry experts.

The layout, colours, typeface and photographs are more than just stylistic choices; everything has been intentionally designed with the reader’s learning and enjoyment in mind. The Shift dives beneath the surface of magic and gives you answers to problems you didn’t know you had.

Ben’s intention for The Shift was not only to give readers powerful, practical magic, but to create a resource which stimulates new conversations and attitudes towards the art and craft of magic. This is not your average magic book, it goes much deeper.