Mindful Mondays: Rare luxury

Mindful Mondays: Rare luxury

Welcome to Mindful Mondays, a space for momentary reflection. 

Every Monday we spend ten minutes in silent contemplation, then open the laptop, write, and hit send. We begin with a quote or idea that resonates and end with a question to ponder. Both are two halves of a whole; an answer to a question and a question to answer. 

We’re not self-appointed gurus sitting beside a majestic waterfall—just normal people embracing the ups and downs of everyday life. There are no complete answers, but we enjoy looking at the pieces.

Art is a flow from within. Our sincere hope is that you take a brief moment each week to check in with yourself and find a positive flow.

Now, take a deep breath fellow grasshoppers...


1: Rare luxury

“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” - Tom Ford

Cherish your silences. Find moments within the bustle of life to look up at the clouds, savor the flavor of pie or listen to the wind. Promise yourself some time with the hobby you enjoy, the spell of a new book, or an honest moment with someone you love. Find a silence worth preserving every day.


What would you study if you attended school without any obligation to pursue a professional career? 





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