Who Are Studio52

Who Are Studio52

Studio52 is a new type of magic company founded by Ben Earl. 

Ben is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished magicians. He is a thought leader, a master technician, and a phenomenal teacher. He has authored several modern-classic books and continues to inspire magicians all over the world with his approach.

"Ben’s magic looks real. His movement is so fluid that everything feels effortless." - David Blaine

Ben’s style ignores performative ego in exchange for sharing meaningful experiences with others. His focus on perfecting the fundamentals and stripping away excess creates profound yet clear moments of magic—moments that others are eager to learn. 

In 2020 Ben formed Studio52. His mission? To create a company that pushes magic forward. We see magic as an amazing self-development tool for living a more fulfilling life… rather just selling trick after trick. To do this we focus on a ‘way’ of approaching magic. A ‘way’ of thinking and acting… and everything we do is part of a much bigger philosophy of magic.

Our guiding mantra, "Look Up," calls us to notice and engage with the world. We advocate for real experiences—to actively live our lives rather than passively watch as others live theirs. Magic is a way of being, an aperture through which we experience the world. Nourishing a community of like-minded people is everything to us. To bring Studio52’s vision into reality, Ben has assembled a talented, tight-knit team of passionate magical minds—all of whom share the same perspective. Superficially, magic appears to be about tricks, but this is just an illusion. Learning magic gives lessons and teaches skills you can carry throughout life. It’s an incredible toolbox for every aspect of your personal and professional existence. Yes, magic is a great way to attract attention or impress and entertain people, but more importantly, it’s a way of perceiving and engaging with reality. Learning to craft moments of astonishment fundamentally rewires your brain. It develops hand-eye-coordination, dexterity, proprioception, problem solving skills, empathy, confidence, patience, discipline, timing and a whole array of interpersonal skills.

Studio52 is not interested in selling disparate tricks; we are not a magic supermarket of confusing messages with the sole purpose of making money. Our aim is to honour the art form and give ourselves to it completely—to build better magicians, not better consumers of magic products. We care about the art and those who wish to go deeper. We care about what is good, not what is popular. We want to encourage others to see magic from a new perspective so that it can become a way of life rather than a trivial amusement. We are the only magic company on Earth that sees magic this way—and we attempt to lead by example. We are also visual and conceptual trailblazers with an obsessive eye for detail—everything matters. We have produced pioneering community projects across social media, put on the greatest guest lineup for an event with the purpose of creative freedom for the performers, and created the premiere magic learning platform available with The Family. We have pushed the art of sleight of hand to new heights, divesting ourselves from gimmicky tricks and inauthentic performances, leaving only space for what really matters. Psychology, technique, timing, design, strategy, movement, communication, self-expression, creativity, history, and community all merge into an art form unlike any other. We are obsessed with magic and want to connect with others who feel the same way.

We write, perform, film, and speak about our approach, inspiring others to see magic in new ways and use it in their lives. We don’t have all the answers, it would be boring if we did. Instead, we are curious to know more—part of a constant quest to improve our own lives and those around us. 

But what can we do for you? Well, if you Join us in our journey to and ‘look up’ you will see things that you never thought possible.