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If you had one question to ask the world's greatest mentalist,

 what would it be?

Join us on June 20th at 9pm (UK) for your chance to ask Derren Brown, live. 

For Year Two of The Family, we focus on one legend each month - their performances, their techniques, classic effects or effects they inspire — plus a conversation that dives deeper into what makes them legends. 

We are honoured this month to speak to the legend himself, Derren Brown regarding his performances, being present, emotional impact, and some... notes from a fellow traveller. 

'In Conversation' with Derren Brown begins in...

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"The best choice in magic I've ever made. The content is unparalleled and the people are even better."
- Family Member Nick T. 

What is the family?

The Family is at its heart, a community. It's a monthly subscription focused around a single principle and ten exclusive videos per month that are explored and discussed in-depth with your guide, Ben Earl. 

Technical Masterclasses Include

Performances & Effects Include

Technical Masterclasses Include

  • Fingertip Peek

  • Top Palm

  • Double Lift

  • False Transfer

  • Lift Shuffle

  • Cross-Cut Force

  • Stock Control

  • Bottom Deal

  • Psychological Manipulation

  • Bottom Palm

  • Top Change

  • Mahatma Control

  • Classic Pass

  • Cull

  • Second Deal

  • Side Steal

Performances & Effects Include

  • Hidden Ambition | Paper Switch

  • Confirmation Bias | Four Words

  • Face Value | Tip Your Hand

  • Primary Movement | The Touch

  • Blue Moon Triumph | Roleplayer

  • Thank You John | Just A Second

  • Unreal Transposition | Octopus

  • Lucky Deal | Spin On This

  • In Your Hand | Metal Switch

  • M-Theory | Blue Haddock

  • The More You Know | It's You

  • Probably Impossible | Touch

  • Truth Be Told | Sleeve Job

  • Three Way Squeeze | Memento

  • Selected Time Travel | M-Theory

  • Resourceful Professional | River

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'Are You Watching Closely?' is a watch-along event where Ben dives into some of the great magic specials of the past. 

What Sets Us Apart

The art of magic has traditionally been a secret passed down from master to apprentice, hidden in shadows - or even more invisibly, written in books. Ben Earl has taken this knowledge, combined it with his own original thinking, and created a community of astounding quality that makes learning magic exciting again.

Welcome to a new kind of learning.

Welcome to The Family.

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