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This is Not a Box by Ben Earl

This is Not a Box by Ben Earl

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‘Selected Time Travel’ is a beautiful transformation of a card via the notion of time travel.

‘A Choice Illusion’ is a transformation of a card which will be viewed and understood differently by everyone that sees it.

‘The More You Know’ is a transformation of a card through radical honesty in which the performer describes the exact method of the trick… yet still nothing can be seen.

‘Confirmation Bias’ is a divination of a mentally chosen card which not only feels real, but it is deviously open about its methodology.

‘Primary Movement’ is a stunning teleportation of a coin from one hand to the other. This coin effect has become a reputation maker for Ben and somewhat of a modern classic.

‘Pocket Time Machine’ is a stunning coin vanish and conceptual demonstration of time travel.

Real Magic and The Empty Space are two powerful essays which will undoubtedly transform your attitude and approach to magic.