So this is a thing…

So this is a thing…
Welcome to our shiny new blog. We're happy you're here.

We figured the internet wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, and screaming our every thought into the void seemed like a neat idea. We just didn't want to pay Elon Musk $8/month to do it.

The other week, we were looking for a new risotto and stumbled across a delightful recipe blog. An anonymous internet person named Angela shared a delicious variation with red wine and peas. Her harrowing story of how this exact meal saved her marriage and reconnected her with a long-lost grandfather made our frustrated attempt to actually find the directions scattered throughout the post's six pages last longer than the bottle of wine did, and we ended up calling out for a curry instead. An invigorating internet scavenger hunt, 'twas not.

Our goal is to be the opposite of that risotto blog.

This is a space for us here at Studio52 to share the ponderings by which we are inspired. It's okay if you aren't interested; we promise you won't hurt our feelings. What, these? They're tears of ambivalence. We're not crying, you're crying. We want to contribute ideas to spark your artistic journey. While we are prone to follow the occasional conceptual butterfly, we promise to stay on track, certainly more than we have done so in this opening soliloquy… We don't even like risotto. It's just rice that's trying to be soup.   

All this started as a conversational nugget during a Deep Dive in The Family. If you don't know what that is, come join us! The people there are stellar (yes, even you Matt), and in the fifth hour of what Ben promised would be a "quick one," it was remarked how it'd be great to write this stuff down. Yes, we cover groovy moves and brainstorm tight touches on routines, but we also chat about how understanding lighting design makes you a better creator and share (potentially shoddy) wisdom about finding artistic fulfilment. While what happens in a Deep Dive stays in a Deep Dive, we realised this blog is perfect for sharing select meditations.

In coming articles, you can expect a range of topics from tips on improving your sleight of hand, digging up under-explored gems from magic's history and our local brewery, sneak peeks at upcoming releases, discussions of unique subtleties, and rumination on design, photography, and philosophy. In other words, everything we love.

We fundamentally believe community is everything. This holds true not just in magic but for life. We are nothing without those around us, and we aim to go deeper into all aspects of creating Magic through community.

To avoid replicating the walls of thinly veiled, advertorial musings of overpaid 'influencers,' self-aggrandising insta-stories of fitness success, and the ever-increasing scourge of rambling AI-generated text plaguing the internet, we promise to keep ourselves short and sweet. But, y'know… next time.

We say more with less, giving you the space to think and do more.

Less. Is. More.

Let's get started.

(No risotto allowed.)

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Great idea. Speaking of which, can we submit ideas for your/our consideration?


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